Worship Workshops


Large team classes

These include Listening Skills (whole team class for both instrumentalists & vocalists), Vocals 101 (group vocal workshop), and Dynamics & Flow (worship band workshop). 

All our sessions are based around a balance of teaching & practical application. These classes aren't just a lecture or sermon, they are an opportunity for your volunteers and teams to work out what they're learning on the day - Instrumentalists get on the stage and work out what we taught, same with vocals.

We really enjoy this way of teaching as it combines mini one-on-one lessons while still working as a group... so students get to see immediate results during the practical application sections, yet still receive info to take away and practice on their own. We typically focus the day around a few songs (especially any new ones the church or team is wanting to introduce) so that they come away from the day not only knowing new skills and techniques, but also learning new songs that they'll feel confident with the next time they're on stage. 

Weekend Worship Team Workshop

is a package of the Listening Skills, Vocals, & Band sessions that run on the same day - most often a Saturday, from 9am-2pm with a half hour lunch break. The $1200 fee for the day includes all sessions from training materials, notebooks, exercise/warm-up cds, and a couple packages of our cds/merch for the church to giveaway before the workshop (as a fun in-service advertisement for the weeknd). We can also add in a free Planning Center tutorial for team leaders or the entire worship team. Many churches are paying for PCO, but not really using it to their full potential, so we like to help teams really get the best use out of awesome tools like that. 

Worship Leader Training Skills Lab

This class is perfect for pouring into key leaders in your worship team.