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"Worship is not an event to be watched, but a lifestyle to be lived."

As artists, musicians, parents, teachers, husband & wife, we never want to turn worship into a casual check on the list of things we do once a week.  It should be a purposeful, focused and meaningful act of placing value on the One we love. It’s a time for us to tell God how grateful we are for who He is and for what He has done in and for us - which extends outside of a Sunday morning service time.  For us, this worship extends into every aspect as we seek to honor God with our lives and hear His voice to lead and guide our actions.

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our desire is to create sounds that echo the heart of god in  a powerful way and moves beyond the boundaries of church walls.

Through our time spent performing our original music, inspired by our walks with Jesus, we have seen people discover the peace and hope that only comes through Christ without ever stepping inside a church.  Many of our original songs are not meant to be simply "congregational", but rather inspirational and accessible to people of many different backgrounds. We inspire deep connections to the Father by addressing real emotions (depression, anger, joy, love), and real experiences (loss, death, romance, conversion), and playing those songs in venues many Christian artists don't typically have the opportunity to frequent. We are passionate about engaging listeners in an experience that brings people together and uses music to make a way for all to know the Savior.


Growing teams, musicians, and worship leaders through training and empowering leadership.

We have a deep desire to teach and train - to pour out what was poured into us. We believe it's our responsibility as leaders to disciple the next generation and all who seek to grow - and we don't take that responsibility lightly. Our dream is to always be helping others grow, to develop excellence in their musical skills, trust within their teams, and become united - working together to make something greater than we could with our individual talents. This creates a team that goes beyond our own leadership and can truly minister with one voice and one heart - as a family.

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